EXPO MILAN 2015: Masterplan

Expo Milano 2015 is a project born from the collaboration between Stefano Boeri, Herzog & De Meuron, Riky Burdett, and William Mc Donough for the international exposition that took place in Milan in 2015.

images © Herzog&deMeuron

Conscious of the fact that international expositions and similar large events are unhealthy factors in the growth of contemporary cities, the project sought to build real change in the city of Milan, aiming not towards the addition of cubic meters in the city for the event, but rather towards triggering new production processes related to agriculture and proximity to food consumption per kilometer zero.

In Collaboration with Carlo Petrini and Slow Food, the project aspired to rebuild the production chain of foods, from cultivation to preparation, for countries the world over. Through the construction of five greenhouses, the world’s main agro-systems were reconstructed, leaving Milan as a worldwide heritage of natural innovation.

(Project Architect at  StefanoBoeri Architetti)

total axometric view_ credits: stefano boeri archittetti

total axometric view_ credits: stefano boeri archittetti


images © StefanoBoeri Architetti