In a Ping Pong of questions and answers, Samantha Hardingham with Roberto Zancan bring us to reflect on how we can reinterpret our recent past as keys to understanding the future.

archives © robertgorny: Fun Palace, diagram. Cedric Price, 1961

Starting from the role of Cedric Price in architecture as figure obsessed with the idea of the present moment, of charting a future path for their contemporary societies and changing the “now” but also as “figure out of time” who dealt with concepts that are both eternal to human society and spanning between disparate moments in history, the discussion will reflect on the fundamentals element of contemporary and future architecture.

The event has been  curated by Lorenza Baroncelli.

SAMANTHA HARDINGHAM is an architectural author and researcher.  After studying at the Architectural Association 1987-93 she went on to open the critically acclaimed Crowbar Coffee, a number of small regenerative venues in London (1993-2000). She has completed several guides to contemporary architecture mostly notably, London: a guide to recent architecture (ellipsis/Batsford/Chrysalis, 1993) and two books on the work of British architect Cedric Price (1934-2003): Cedric Price Opera (Academy Wiley, 2003) and Cedric Price Retriever (InIVa, 2007). A series of ongoing projects in collaboration with David Greene of Archigram include L.A.u.W.N Project #19 & 20 a book and accompanying exhibition (AA, 2008). Samantha was Visiting Scholar at the Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal in 2009 undertaking further research on the work of Cedric Price for a commissioned ‘Complete Works’ publication. She has recently been the recipient of an award from the Graham Foundation in Chicago to further this area of her work. Samantha has been a unit master at the AA since 2006.

ROBERTO ZANCAN, PhD is curator of the Inside the Academy program for BE OPEN Foundation. He has been the Deputy Editor of Domus Magazine and Professor of  History and Theory of Environmental Design at UQAM University of Montreal. Founder of the zD6 multimedia office, he is the author of Corrispondenze: Teorie e storie dal landscape.

Domus Academy, November 2013